‘Game-changing’ Brembo Hypure brake callipers announced

The new Brembo stoppers are designed for use on high-performance bikes, and its maker is claiming them to boast ‘unparalleled performance and a boundary-breaking design.’

Hypure brake callipers

Braking maestro Brembo has announced a new product, with the Hypure calliper stepping to the top of the performance braking range.

The eye-catching new stoppers feature an asymmetric design which Brembo is claiming reduces weight by ten per cent without compromising on rigidity. Brembo is also touting an improvement in heat transfer, something that should help to maintain braking performance even in the most extreme environments track riding can offer. 


Part of the secret to the new callipers' claimed performance improvements come in the form of a new spring/pad/pin system - featuring a patented design, along with a specially created bearing surface between the calliper and pad that is said to minimise residual torque. The design is also said to be more environmentally friendly than previous products, although we can’t quite figure out how a new spring/pad/pin system and a ‘specially crafted bearing surface’ can achieve that.

The press release rounds out with a typically Italian take on the new products, reading:

“Hypure’s performance is beyond exceptional, promising an exciting experience for riders, on both track and open roads. The calliper’s dynamism and energy are real, making it essential for enthusiast riders.

“With Hypure, riders can expect nothing less than excellence in every aspect of their journey, from design and performance to sustainability.”

These, then, are now looking like the new kids on the braking block, and will likely become the stopper of choice for the top-spec sports bikes and super nakeds on the market. Will we mere mortals be able to feel the extra performance that comes from the more rigid design? Probably not. Will that stop us from opting for bikes fitted with these over ones fitted with the previous generation brakes? Almost certainly!

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