Altor claim to have created an angle grinder proof disclock!

The makers state that the patented tech shell defends against grinding discs while a hardened core protects against other tools


ALTOR LOCKS claim to have created the world's first angle grinder proof lock that is purported to have an ‘grinder disc eating’ core!

The Altor SAF is made from a 14mm hardened steel shackle that is wrapped in a patented aluminium shell that is designed to destroy grinder discs as they are used on the item. The shackle is attached on both sides to a double locking crossbar, encased inside a hardened steel case. The combination of the hardened core of the loop and the outer shell lining is what Altor claim will make the SAF the strongest lock to defend your bike against even the most determined attack.

Altor has been making locks for bikes for some time, although most of their products are aimed at the bicycle market and not the motorcycle market, although in this age of high-tech and expensive pushbikes, the methods employed by the thieves on both fronts are becoming increasingly similar. Altor are selling this lock as a bicycle lock, with a campaign currently running on Indiegogo, but with such bold claims made about its performance against angle grinders; it’s sure to grab the attention of some motorcyclists too!

With motorcycle theft becoming an ever more of a focus for the average motorcyclist, the ease with which some thieves seem to be able to dispatch motorcycle security is ever more worrying. While theft rates within London are on the decline, other parts of the UK are seeing spikes in motorcycle thefts, with the criminals becoming more brazen and more determined in their approach.

One method which is becoming increasingly popular among the thieves is taking a high-powered angle grinder about with them and using it to slice through locks, chains, and disclocks. While the penalties for using such items is high, as carrying the item shows pre-meditation, the gains made in getting away quicker with the bike are apparently worth the risk!

The lock is available now on Indiegogo for $199, with a planned $299 retail price after the campaign.

For more information head to: AltorLocks.com

The Altor SAF Lock Features:

  • A 14mm hardened steel shackle
  • Our patented aluminum protective shackle
  • 80mm shackle diameter
  • Double Locking Cross Bar
  • High security disc detainer lock mechanism
  • Soft Outer Coating to protect your bike
  • 6.2 kgs total weight
  • 200 x 280 mm outer dimension
  • 80 x 140 mm inner dimension