5 Ways to stay warm on your motorcycle this winter

As winter’s grip tightens further on the tail-end of 2019, here are the top five ways you can keep warm on a motorcycle

Tucano Urbano

LIVING in Britain and riding a motorcycle year round means you will get cold, possibly wet and maybe even covered in snow and ice. But, like the old saying goes; ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, only a bad choice of clothing!’

While good quality motorcycle jackets and high-spec touring kit will keep you warm to a point, it is the extra layers of protection that will keep you toasty when you really need it. If you already have good quality textiles and a bike with plenty of weather protection, the next step is to check out the cold weather solutions below and see which one works for you!

5. Heated seat cover

Some riders may scoff at the idea of heated seat cover but there’s a reason most of the major manufacturers are fitting heated seats to their touring and adventure machines – even the Yamaha T-MAX has a heated seat option! But what if your bike didn’t have a heated seat from factory, or you don’t want to pay out £400 for an optional extra? That’s where a heated seat cover comes in!

Heated seat covers are simple to fit, easy to use and release a warming glow through your backside. The item pictured is from Tucano Urbano and comes with a 5000mAh battery that’s good for around two hours of warmth, great for finishing off that long winter ride.

4. Leg covers

Leg covers may not be for everyone but the benefits of using them are huge. They are waterproof, windproof and cover you above the waist, meaning no more water pooling in your lap! You can even buy some that cover your pillion’s legs too, meaning no moaning about the cold and rain from the person on the back of the bike! The original leg cover brand, Tucano Urbano, have a huge range of leg covers to fit most models of motorcycles and scooters; they’re surprisingly easy to ride with, ultra-effective at keeping the cold air at bay and with the patented anti-flap inflatable system, you’ll barely notice it’s even on.

For a little extra warmth, you could even opt to kit out your leg covers with heated leg cover pads, great for those extremely cold morning commutes.

3. Heated back warmer belt

Keeping your core warm is the best way of maintaining your comfort while out on the bike. To keep your core heated you need to check out something like this heated back warmer belt from Tucano Urbano. The heat generated from the 5000mAh battery is good for around 2-hours of heat, and it’ll keep your back feeling toastie which will help you stay more supple if you need to move around in the saddle.

2. Hand covers

There is a reason that 90% of motorcycle couriers in big cities use hand covers and it’s because they work! They keep the rain at bay, deflect the wind off your hands and prevent rain and drafts from creeping up the cuff of your jacket. They say sometimes the simplest ideas are the best…

1. Base layers and heated base layers

The final method of keeping warm on a bike in winter is also my preferred way to keep warm –  thermal layers. Research suggests that while resting, the human body gives off 350,000 joules of energy an hour, which is roughly the same amount as a 100w lightbulb! Why waste that heat when thermal base layers will help you to retain it within your riding gear! We’re big fans of the new TECHNOMERINO thermals from Tucano Urbano; soft, thermal polyester in contact with the skin to keep you dry, and merino wool outer layer for ultimate warmth… cosy!

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