Spidi develop anti-pollution motorcycle clothing

The Spidi Mission Beta uses sensors, a filter and an OLED display in the arm of the jacket to advise of high pollution levels


SPIDI has developed a new motorcycle jacket called the Mission Beta, that not only protects the rider from harmful pollution, it actually warns them when levels are reaching a dangerous point.

The Mission Beta is purely a concept at the moment, although the idea and the thinking behind it makes us think there could be something further down the line that integrates some, or all of the tech.

The system works via a sensor mounted near to the neck of the jacket that measures pollutant levels when you’re out riding. The jacket will notify the user to low, medium and high pollutant levels. When low levels are being notified no immediate action is required from the rider, although when medium and high levels are detected, the inbuilt mask should be used to filter out particulates.

A statement on the Spidi website reads:

'Urban commuting is a tough business. To help you deal with air pollution, Spidi Safety Lab has developed a new concept-jacket, designed to let you breathe, even at rush hour. It’s only one of the groundbreaking concepts of #missioncontrol, the research project that connects riders with their environment, enhancing their safety and sensorial experience.'

To help save the batteries and prolong the life of the product, the jacket automatically arms when it senses movement and goes into a state of sleep when it is left still.

The jacket came about as some studies show that 9,000 people die prematurely in London each year as a result of poor air pollution. London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, even went as far as to call the air in the capital as "filthy, toxic," and calling it a "public health crisis".

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