Zero announces entry-level SR model is now available in UK dealers

US manufacturer Zero’s new SR entry-level model, with new-generation, lighter batteries, is now available in UK dealerships.

2022 Zero SR studio shot.

ZERO has announced that their new, entry-level, SR model is available in UK dealerships from April 2022. 

The Zero SR features the same base as the SR/F model, and comes with the ZF 75-10 motor, “tuned to deliver 166Nm of torque, peak power of 74hp, and a top speed of 104mph,” according to Zero’s press release.

The SR’s performance can be upgraded after purchase, if the owner desires, in order to make its performance equal to that of the SR/F. That means 190Nm, 90hp, and a 124mph top speed.

The Zero SR will feature the newest generation of Zero’s Z-Force batteries, which utilise lithium-ion technology which is now becoming the standard, rather than the exception, in electric motorcycling.

For the newest Z-Force batteries, the design is lighter, with improved range and greater energy density than before. 

Zero says, “Enabling the ‘Speed & Performance Boost’ via Zero’s new Cypher Store unlocks the full capabilities of the motor, as well as upgrading the SR to Advanced Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control, which adds cornering capabilities to its straight-line ABS, traction control, and drag torque control.”

Through the Cypher Store, the owner of the SR can upgrade the energy store capacity of the bike from 14.4kWh to 17.3kWh.

Furthermore, Zero will be bringing a new “Power Tank” add-on some time in the early part of 2022 which will expand the battery capacity to 20.9kWh, which will be the largest battery capacity Zero has offered onboard one of its motorcycles yet and allow a range of up to 227 miles in the city. 

This will also be able to be accessed by existing owners of the 2022 SR/F and SR/S models through the Cypher Store, which in addition will include optional upgrades for your Zero including “faster charging, extended range, speed and performance boost, park mode, heated grips, and on-dash satellite navigation,” according to Zero.

Primarily, the Zero SR will be charged using the Type 2 connector at public charging points. We are not exactly tripping up over those in the UK, so the “wall outlet adaptor” is likely to be a popular choice to allow you to charge the SR at home. 

“The SR is the motorcycle that really established the electric naked street category and it’s significant that it be the first model to introduce all of these new technologies,” said Abe Askenazi, CTO of Zero Motorcycles.

The Zero SR will be available only in the “graphite” colour, and prices start at £17,810.