GasGas launch 2023 four-bike enduro range with two- and four-strokes

GasGas have launched their 2023 enduro bike range, including two two-strokes and two four-strokes, available now. 

GasGas 2023 enduro range.

GASGAS, the Spanish arm of the KTM Group, revealed yesterday (6 April 2022) their 2023 range of enduro bikes. 

As usual with GasGas, the range features both two- and four-strokes, and will offer something for riders of all experience and skill levels.

All four of the bikes offered by GasGas in their 2023 range are Euro 5 homologated, with “simple yet clever,” according to GasGas, EFI systems.

Each of the four bikes - EC 250, EC 300, EC 250F, and EC 350F - will be available globally, with GasGas saying they are “designed to deliver maximum enjoyment, reliability and durability.”

Additionally, at the rear of the bike, GasGas have kept the rear linkage featured on previous models, paired with WP XACT suspension, aimed at improved stability on high-speed sections of rough terrain. On the front, WP XPLOR inverted forks are used, while the braking is done thanks to Braktec.

The bikes will come with an 8.5-litre fuel tank, and a filter that requires no tools to change; and the lithium-ion battery used for the electric start means that weight is kept to a minimum compared to lead-battery alternatives.

Now, we will talk more specifically about the individual bikes, starting with the EC 250. This smaller-capacity two-stroke model weighs in at 105.8kg, with 260mm front and 220mm rear brake discs; a 72mm stroke; 66.4mm bore; a six-speed box; 360mm ground clearance; 960mm seat height; and 300mm of suspension travel on both the front and rear. EMS comes from Continental.

Moving on to the EC 300, and the only major difference from the 250 - other than the displacement, of course - is the increase in bore to 72mm. 

Now, onto the four-strokes with the EC 250F, and the weight compared to the two-strokes comes down by 0.2kg to 105.6kg. It keeps the six-speed transmission; and matches the suspension travel, ground clearance and seat height of the two-strokes, as you would expect. The single cylinder, four-stroke 249.9cc motor will feature a 52.3mm stroke, and 78mm bore; and the EMS is supplied by Keihin, rather than Continental.

Finally, the EC 350F will have a 57.5mm stroke, and a 88mm bore, while the weight will be up to 106.4kg, making the larger capacity four-stroke the heaviest of the quartet. Again, EMS is provided by Keihin; and the brake discs, suspension travel, ground clearance and seat height remain the same as the other models.

To check out the new GasGas enduro range in full, see the new models on their website, here.