Yamaha Worldcrosser a reality

Limited edition Super Tenere will cost £12,999 when it reaches dealers in March

“The Yamaha Worldcrosser is a concept bike displayed at Intermot to inspire adventure world travelers and will not go into production”

THOSE words figured strongly at the release of the Yamaha Super Tenere Worldcrosser concept back in 2010, and indeed still accompany pictures of the bike on the firm's own website. We cast doubt on them last year when the firm trademarked the Worldcrosser name, and now Yamaha has proved them to be baloney by announcing it will release the Worldcrosser onto the UK market in March.

The limited edition machine is basically a Super Tenere fitted with options including carbon side panels, fork protectors and frame guards, plus an alloy skid plate, and comes in white-with-red-speedblocks or a TDR250-alike black-with-yellow-speedblocks.

At £12,999 it's £1000 more than the stock Super Tenere.