Aprilia maxi-scooter price revealed

Aprilia SRV850 priced at £7799

APRILIA'S new SRV850 scooter has been confirmed to be going on sale in the UK next month.

Using the same 840cc motor and twist-and-go gearbox as the Aprilia Mana, the SRV is basically a revamped version of the Gilera GP800, but where the old Gilera came in at around the £6.5k mark, the Aprilia – which admittedly looks much better thanks to its RSV4-derived styling – is nearing £8k.

Admittedly, at £7799 it's a little cheaper than the £8178 Mana (which has also seen big price increases, having cost well under £7k when it was introduced in 2009), but even so it's expensive for a scooter.

Of course, most scooters can't hold a candle to the SRV's size or performance: 76bhp means it's got more oomph than plenty of 'proper' motorcycles. However, the big V-twin engine means that there's perhaps not quite as much storage space as you might imagine. Its price places it just above the newly-launched Honda Integra (£7500), which bows to the Aprilia in performance terms but features tech including Honda's dual-clutch transmission.