Yamaha announce the EC-05 electric scooter

Yamaha and Gogoro have teamed up to create the latest electric scoot on the market, the EC-05

Yamaha EC-05

YAMAHA has announced the first bike to emerge from their partnership with electric motorcycle and scooter maker, Gogoro, with the EC-05.

The move is a clear statement that all the major players in motorcycle manufacturing are taking the dawn of electric bikes seriously, signalling that the time of the petrol-powered urban commuter is nearly at an end.

In a shrewd move, Yamaha has only initially released the EC-05 into the Taiwanese market, where more electric motorcycles (predominantly scooter) are used than anywhere else on the planet.

There’s no official word on if the bike will make it to Europe or the UK in the future, although Gogoro does have a foothold in some EU cities through various ride-sharing platforms that use their machines.

The factory is also making no claims regarding performance, range or recharge time either. But to make an electric scoot usable in the city you’d need at least 30mph top speed, a range of between 30-50 miles and a recharge time of a couple of hours.

There are a few things we have learned from watching the video though – owning the EC-05 could make you a better skateboarder, dog owner, and fish filleter.

Sadly, judging by the soundtrack, you’ll still be shit a karaoke though.

Well, you can’t have it all I guess!

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