Yamaha’s 2014 Race Blu models

Blue paint but no tech changes for key models

IN all the excitement of the racing at Silverstone over the weekend you could be forgiven for having missed an announcement that was actually rather more significant than it first appeared.

It was the launch of Yamaha’s latest ‘Race Blu” models – limited edition, special paint versions of existing machines including the R1, R6, FZ8(naked and faired) and the XJ6 in ‘S’, ‘N’ and ‘F’ forms.

According to the firm’s press bumf, the bikes are inspired by the works GP racers and “enhanced for 2014 with the addition of anodised components, such as the front forks on certain models as well as blue wheels.”

The key bit here isn’t the anodised stuff or special colours but the fact these are 2014 models. That’s right, it means that the R1, R6, FZ8 and XJ6 in all forms will go into 2014 with absolutely zero technical updates. Further ‘standard’ 2014 paint schemes will be released later this year, but if you’re hoping for massive performance or style upgrades, look elsewhere.

One bike that wasn’t present at the launch but is promised to be available in Race Blu is the new MT-09, although from the firm’s description of the bike colours – dark metallic grey with blue wheels – which is the variant already offered in America (albeit called the FZ-09 over there).