2014 Yamaha VMAX...

…Now in grey

YAMAHA’S V-Max is one of those bikes that most of us would love to have a go on – and believe us, the experience is worth it if you get the chance – but relatively few of us would actually reach into our pockets when it comes to long-term ownership.

But each year, when new colours get shown, it’s worth taking another look at the sheer level of detail that Yamaha went to in creating its V4-powered monster. Sure, the Ducati Diavel offers just as much drama, better handling and performance, but there’s something brutal and yet intricate about the V-Max, and new colours always seem to highlight another aspect of the design.

For 2014, the colour of choice appears to be matte grey. Doesn’t sound too good, but compared to the usual black it shows off the sculpting of the tank and rear fender better, taking some of the emphasis away from the brushed aluminium air intakes and matching quad exhausts.

Technically, the changes to the ’14 V-Max amount to precisely nil but it's still worth another look.