Worst new bike name, 2016. And the winner is…

Yamaha launches M-Slaz in Asia

WE'VE seen a few cringe-worthy names among the new bike launches this year – BMW’s eRR and the Mondial Hipster spring immediately to mind – but the newly-revealed Yamaha M-Slaz is right up there for bad titles.

‘Slash Your Darkness’ is the tagline for the new bike, revealed yesterday in Thailand, which is likely to adopt the more conventional name of MT-15 when it reaches other markets.

Clearly aimed at Asian markets where 150cc machines are popular, it’s fairly similar to the MT-125 that’s already on offer in the UK, but appears to combine a more aggressive appearance with slightly lower-spec parts, as well as featuring the 150cc engine that’s already used in the R-15, a model that’s quite distinct from the R-125 that we get.

Compared to the MT-125, the M-Slaz appears to push the rider’s seat significantly further forward, letting it adopt the stubby-tailed style that’s all the rage at the moment while still featuring a passable pillion seat.

The front-biased visual mass is increased with the large side panels that follow the line of the forks and the black plastic covers that disguise the engine and eliminate the space around the motor. The bellypan also comes much closer to the front wheel, again giving it a forward-biased look, while the unusual stacked headlights are tucked in much closer to the forks than the MT-125’s, giving more of a streetfighter feel.

Name aside, it’s not a bad looking bike. Better than the MT-125 we get? You decide.

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