The world's fastest electric motorcycle?

And it's got more torque than a 2010 Yamaha YZF-R1

US ELECTRIC motorcycle manufacturer ZEV has laid claim to building the fastest battery-powered motorcycle on the planet - the ZEV7000.

The company are keen to promote the fact, challenging rival electric motorcycle manufacturers by saying: "We tell them to bring their street legal production bike and to bring their betting money. There can be only one 'fastest' street legal production electric motor scooter or bike in the world."

So what sort of speeds will this baby achieve? Wait for it: "+113kmph/70mph".


But even though the bike's top speed is, er, a bit of a disappointment, just check the torque figure: 135ft-lbs. To put that into perspective a 2010 YZF-R1 produces 49-ft-lbs LESS.

The ZEV7000 has a range of around between 65 miles between charges, which take 25 minutes for a 75 percent top-up, or around 2 hours for a full charge.

It costs USD7237 - that's £4,700. A full charge from empty will cost approximately 3 pence.

Via Gizmag