First Ride: 2010 Yamaha FZ8

Urry's impressed by the new 800cc Yamaha

JON URRY has just ridden the 2010 Yamaha FZ8 and first thoughts are positive.

"As you'd expect, it's a cross between and FZ6 and an FZ1 but better than both in many respects.

"The engine pulls hard from 3000rpm - a welcome improvement over the gutless bottom-end of the 1000cc FZ1. The motor's less buzzy than the 600cc FZ6, too.

"The new clutch is light and smooth, although the gearbox is a little clattery. Maybe this will improve with more miles on the clock. Our test machines are virtually new.

"The ride quality's good. Unadjustable suspension doesn't sound too exciting but who needs it if you don't often fiddle?"

"In all,  great step up from a 600cc middleweight."

Check back later for more on the new Yamaha.