Watch: new teaser video for futuristic Kawasaki three-wheeler

It’s not just Yamaha that wants us to embrace the third wheel


JUST over three years ago, Kawasaki showed us a three-wheeled prototype so out there you could be forgiven for having forgotten all about it.

We had.

But now Kawasaki has reminded us with this teaser video for the ‘J Concept’, published on the firm's US YouTube channel. And with Yamaha set to launch its first big three-wheeler, suddenly the idea seems a lot less far-fetched.

This new Kawasaki manages to make the forthcoming Yamaha Niken look conventional, though.

Like the Yamaha, it leans in corners to provide motorcycle-like handling, albeit with more grip from the extra front wheel. But the J Concept takes the weirdness of the Niken and raises it, literally, by also being a Transformer-like shape-shifter, altering its geometry to provide two totally different riding positions: ‘Upright’ and ‘Attack’. It’s also electric.

Are we going to see a production version? Why would Kawasaki make a new teaser video otherwise?

Don’t say we haven’t warned you that electricity is the future.