VIDEO: Harley-Davidson Streetfighter

A video has emerged from a US motorcycle show that gives us the first video showing the new Harley-Davidson Streetfighter motorcycle in the flesh

Harley-Davidson Bareknuckle

AS with the Harley-Davidson Pan America, we reported on yesterday, we’ve known about the Streetfight (or Bareknuckle as it might be called) for some time, but this is the first non-H-D release featuring a video of the bike that we have found.

The video was shot by Matt Laidlaw and streamed live on YouTube and it seems to show a complete motorcycle with most of the external mechanical systems in place and ready to ride. As with the Pan America yesterday, the bike is labelled as a ‘Styling Prototype’ but seems as though all it would need to be ridden off the stand is some fuel and the keys.

The Streetfighter uses a 975cc version of the new engine which is part of a modular set-up that allows H-D to shift between platforms with ease. There are Brembo brakes, USD front forks, and Michelin Pilot Power tyres, all tempting hardware that gives a nod to a sporty and well-handling machine. Sadly for this model it looks like Harley have stuck with a belt-drive, which is a bit sad, as it will limit outright power and torque.

But the news that traditional Harley fans would be more interested in is their water-cooled street fighter range with engine capacities from 500cc to 1250cc will be joining the range of naked street bikes in the coming years.

Another bike in H-D’s new 2020 range we haven’t seen yet is the low-slung cruiser type machine that uses a new 1250cc engine. We’ll be keeping them peeled to see if that appears over the course of the same US bike show.

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