The Urbet Lora is the latest Spanish electric entry aimed at A1 and A2 riders

Another electric bike, this time from Spain, as the Urbet Lora targets A1 and A2 licence holders with a 125cc-equivalent 15 horsepower.

Urbet Lora. - Moto-Station.

IF you open your eyes you are almost guaranteed to find a new electric bike popping up somewhere or other. 

Now, from Spain, Urbet is moving on from its scooters derived from Chinese models to build its own project: the Lora. 

The Lora will be a 125cc-equivalent electric neo-retro naked with a relatively pretty, if boxy, design, and capped at 15 horsepower. However, the electric motor, Moto-Station reports, could deliver up to 25 horsepower if fully unleashed. 

Moto-Station also reports that the Lora will have a range of up to 300km (186 miles) thanks to a 15kWh battery, and will come with LED lighting, a digital dashboard and ABS. 

The French outlet also reports that it expects the Lora to be officially unveiled by Urbet at the 2022 Malaga Motorcycle Show on 13 May, which is in just over a week at time of writing (5 May 2022). 

Aesthetically, the Lora will be yet another bike that plays into the current period of nostalgia, which focuses particularly between the 1960s and 1970s, with its long, flat seat and singular round headlamp. But the ‘electric blue’ (not an official name) paint it has often been depicted in, the large alloy wheels (as opposed to a more ‘retro’ wire wheel) and low-profile tyres all point to a more contemporary, or even slightly futuristic, feel.

In the 125cc-equivalent electric field, the Lora will have some stiff competition, not least from Austria, which will be able to call on the KTM E-Duke, and the Husqvarna (yes it’s a Swedish brand, but come on) E-Pilen to bat for it against the likes of the Lora. Or, from America, there is the Land Moto District, and of course there are the 125cc-equivalent scooters to consider as well, like Yamaha’s E01

Images courtesy of Moto-Station.