The clearest images of the new 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa are here

The first images of the new 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa have seemingly been leaked from a Suzuki presentation – and we have them

2021 Suzuki Hayabusa

THE new 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa has been the big-bore words on the motorcycle world's lips for pretty much all of 2021 so far. Indeed, when the Hamamatsu manufacturer announced its Global Motorcycle Salon the other week, Visordown was one of the first motorcycle news outlets to call the 2021 version being revealed.

And no sooner had the online bike show been announced, Suzuki released a very short but oh-so teasing teaser of the new machine in a high-speed promo video.

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With appetites well and truly whet, we all sat back and contently waited for the 5th February when the reveal was due to take place.

But staying true to its colloquial nickname of the ‘Bus, you wait for one, and three turn up, as a new leaked image shows the new motorcycle is all its (slightly grainy) glory.

We can only assume it’s been taken from a slide sent out to dealers before the bike is launched. The kind of death by PowerPoint that is needed but mostly boring for those that have to scan over it.

Teasingly, the slide the image is taken from is entitled ‘Features and Technologies’, meaning we are frustratingly close to finding out all that the new bike has to offer.

Update - clearest image yet of the new 'Busa

A day after posting the article yesterday, another image appeared that showed not just one, but three bikes in full-frame. So, what have we learned that's new? Well, for one thing, the 'Busa is retaining those iconic twin silencers, and we are very happy about that. A few manufacturers have switched to single pipes, and while that may make life easier on some respects, it often means the exhaust gets over-inflated and a bit bloated looking. The twin pipes of the bike also retain that nice chunky symmetry that just looks oh-so-right on bikes like this.

We can also assume that these are going to be the three colorways the bike will be available in. First off we have the dark bike in the centre with yellow trim lining the air-scoops, then the white bike with purple trim on the right, and the sleek looking silver bike on the left. Whether these are the colours we get in the UK is as yet unconfirmed, although if we do, Visordown is already a big fan of the three options!

We also see the headlight in detail on the bike on the right. The indicators of the old bike have shrunken and merged into air-intakes on either side of the fairing. The size of them points to LED lurking within, it's a safe bet to assume the rest of the lighting system will also be LED powered.

What do we know about the 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa?

Okay, if you want a full rundown of all the tech stuff that we’ve gleaned from patent images over the last twelve months, click here. What we want to talk about now is the stuff we can see. And we shall start with those ginormous air-scoops on the side of the bike. For starters, they are bloody massive, at least double the size of the scoops on the old bike.

The front end is still inimitable as a Hayabusa, although the 2021 bike looks much more chiselled and muscular. It looks as though the tail section has also been under the surgeon’s knife. It still includes the familiar pillion seat hump, designed to smooth the ait around the rider at speed, although on the new bike seems neater and less bulbous.

As the new bike will have to gain Euro5 certification, it’s obviously had some work done in that department. We’re happy to report though that the new pipe isn’t the inflated mess of metal that adorns some other machines out on the road.

For all the details, specs, images and video of this bike, stay tuned to Visordown.com on the 5th February.