2021 Suzuki Hayabusa predicted tech and details revealed

Here's a run down of every new technology that the new Suzuki Hayabusa is thought to include

2021 Suzuki Hayabusa predicted tech and details revealed

WITH the newst that a new Hayabusa is definitely inbound and set to be officially unveiled on February 5th, Visordown takes a look at the expected tech and details of much-loved model.

A report posted by BikeSocial has unearthed what they report to be patent drawings of the new machine’s engine along with some claims regarding its potential spec and design.

The biggest claim is that the new machine will wear a new engine with a supposed capacity of around 1440cc, 100cc more than the now-defunct 1340cc machine. The extra capacity is the motorcycle industry's main weapon in the fight against ever more stringent emissions regulations. The hike in engine size allows the engineers to run different fuel and ignition tunes that help to prevent the production of harmful gases.

Another feature of the new machine is that the frame of the bike seems to be a slimmer, lighter and more svelte design than before, with the engine mounts located above and behind the engine looking noticeably more petite than the previous bike.

One of the pointers that the patents are genuine and not a red herring is the inclusion of the new bike’s evaporative emissions control system. The canister (marked 47 on the image above), which is located on the left side of the frame just above the engine casing, helps to prevent petrol fumes from venting into the atmosphere by absorbing them before they have a chance to escape. It’s the kind of system that is now key to gaining Euro 5 compliancy, and a feature that boring it pretty much legitimises rest of the bike’s patent images.

As with most patent drawings, which are almost always freely available, the pictures give no clue as to how the bike will look, although there is one styling feature from the old machine that seems to be carried over to the new bike – the double exhaust end cans. What’s a ‘Busa without big twin silencers!?

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Originally posted 21/12/2019