Updated 2021 Honda CB1000R landing on the 10th November

A new teaser campaign has begun giving us a fleeting glimpse of the updated 2021 Honda CB1000R naked motorcycle

2021 Honda CBR1000R teaser video

FOR those that are not fans of the now obligatory teaser campaign, we’re sorry. It’s not us, it’s them! For those that are revelling in all this mystery – Hurrah! Honda has just wheeled out a new video showing us some fleeting glimpses of the incoming 2021 Honda CB1000R.

Honda CB1000R video review

2018 Honda CB1000R | Visordown Launch Test

As we all know, a teaser is not a teaser if it gives away all the juicy information, but the latest video from Big Red actually gives us a fairly good idea of what is going on. First off, the bike is not all-new. In fact, from the side profile, we can see in the video, it looks as though it’s pretty much the same as before save for a revised and redesigned headlight arrangement.

The previous models LED headlight was totally flat, echoing the look and feel of a classic bike’s single headlight arrangement. The new bike though is going about it very differently, with a new LED unit sweeps forward at the bottom. It still looks to be totally circular in shape, but the new angle it sits at almost makes it seem oval in appearance.

By adjusting a screenshot from the video, we can see that there are only minor adjustments to the bike other than the front end...

Some commentators on the official Honda YouTube channel have likened the revised front end to that of the MV Agusta Brutale range of naked bikes. And we’ve got to admit, once you see it, it’s very hard to get that image out of your head!

Away from the front end, the bike does look very much as before. The fuel tank still retains the muscular flanks of the old bike and the seat seems to be the same neat looking unit as before. Even the bike’s exhaust shares the familiar shape as the previous model, and as the engine looks identical to before with the same details on the cases, it’s likely there isn’t much going on within other than a Euro5 update.

2021 Honda CB1000R video teaser

For the full inside line on the bike though, we won’t have to wait long. Honda is pulling the covers off this one on the 10th of November. We’ll be sure to bring you all the news as soon as we can.