Ultraviolette announces new F99 electric track bike

The Indian manufacturer, Ultraviolette, has announced a new electric bike for the track, the F99, which is derived from the road-going F77.

Ultraviolette F99. - Ultraviolette

Ultraviolette, a company based in India, has produced their all new F99. This machine has been built with a racetrack in mind.

This is not Ultraviolette’s first electric machine as they have previously built the F77. The F99 can be considered a track-focused derivation of the Ultraviolette F77.

The F99 has twice the power of what its predecessor, the F77 had. The F99 now has 50 kilowatts of power, which is the equivalent of 65hp. The F99 also has a top speed of over 200km/h, which is the equivalent of 124.3mph. Ultraviolette however do not mention the capacity of the battery, its charging options, the torque of the bike or the overall weight of the machine.

The chassis of the F99 and other parts of the bike are practically identical to the previous F77, even parts like the tyres are the same as the F77. The brake system of the F99 features hydraulic disk brakes with dual channel Bosch ABS systems on both the front and rear brakes. The front brake caliper feature a fixed 4 radial piston type, the rear brake caliper features a single piston floating caliper type.

With most of the wanted data of the F99 unknown it is best to look at its closest road going comparative of the F77. The F77 produces 100Nm of torque and is powered by a battery with a capacity of 10.3kWh. The standard version of the street legal F77 can travel 176 kilometres and weighs a total of 207 kilograms. However, the F99 is a racetrack version. This would mean that the weight of machine should be lighter with less lights and the use of carbon panels on the F99. The range of bike would also decrease due to the higher peak performance of the F99 as it is for track use.

The price for the F99 is yet to be revealed. 

Find out more at ultraviolette.com

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