Historic Czech brand Bӧhmerland set for 2023 revival

Bӧhmerlan, the Czech manufacturer of the 1920s and 1930s, is set for a return this year with a new model, the Bӧhmerland 21.

Bӧhmerland 21. - Bӧhmerland

The historic Czech brand Bӧhmerland is on its way back to production, potentially with the first bikes being built this year.

Bӧhmerland originated in what was Czechoslovakia in 1924. Its name is the German word for Bohemia, and it was founded by Albin Liebisch who designed the majority of its motorcycles

Bӧhmerland’s bikes has many aspects in which they were unique. For example, the bike would be three metres long, with a two-metre wheelbase, and would be available in two-, three-, and four-seater variants. 

Powered by a 600cc engine, the colours with which Bӧhmerland painted its bikes were also stand-out, featuring bright paint - usually red or yellow - on the frame. That frame was a tubular steel design, and the rear would be unsprung, while the bike would roll on large-diameter cast-aluminium wheels. 

Production was ceased for Bӧhmerland as a result of the outbreak of the Second World War. In their 15 years or so, Bӧhmerland built an approximated 775 motorcycles, and 10% of those are estimated to remain in existence today.

Now, though, Bӧhmerland seems to be coming back, Motorrad reports. Since 2019, Peter Knobloch began planning the revival of the brand in Turnov near the Czech Republic’s border with Germany. Knobloch is a technician, and owner of the Tiskarna company which specialises in 3D printing.

The bike to revive the Bӧhmerland name is called the Bӧhmerland 21. It will be shorter than the originals, but the wheels remain large diameter (21 inches) and made of aluminium.

As for the engine, it will be larger and have twice the cylinders compared to the 20th century originals. An air-oil-cooled parallel-twin-cylinder engine of 760cc will produce almost 90 horsepower and approaching 80Nm.

Knobloch’s original plan was to use carburettors to add to the authenticity of the revival model, but for Euro5 homologation fuel injection will probably be added, Motorrad anticipates, while supercharging also remains an apparent possibility. 

Finally, we come to the price, which is set at €58,000, plus taxes. That equates to around £51,000 at time of writing (January 2023), and orders from interested parties should be made with some degree of haste - only 10 Bӧhmerland 21s will be made.

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