Two new Kawasaki Ninja H2 teaser videos

Um, this is still about a motorcycle, right?

WITH both track and road versions of the new Ninja H2 revealed, we might have expected a lull in Kawasaki’s barrage of teaser videos.

No. If anything, the firm has intensified the relentless pummeling, releasing two new videos in as many days.

Helplessly we click, eager for a new glimpse of the most eagerly anticipated motorcycle of year. Instead, each video seems increasingly like an attempt to use the huge interest in the 300hp supercharged sports bike to also draw attention to the achievements of parent company Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

‘Look at the bike, look at the bike. Look at our 18-cylinder 7.5 megawatt green gas engine. Now back at the bike.’

So the first new video, above, tells us how anti-knock technology from said green gas engine (what’s a green gas engine?) was used in the Ninja H2.

That means the Ninja H2’s engine won’t immediately combustion-knock itself to bits. Phew.  

The second shows how the Ninja H2’s frame is constructed using robotic arms, which, by the way, Kawasaki also makes, don’t you know.

We joke, but we seem to have told you about it, so the campaign is obviously working. Sorry.

We dare say Kawasaki will squeeze a few more in before the road-going Ninja H2 is properly unveiled to the public at the Milan motorcycle show on November 4.