Turbo-charged Suzuki concept

588cc 'Recursion' makes 100hp with 50% better fuel economy than sports 600s

SUZUKI is expected to unveil this turbo-charged 588cc parallel-twin at the Tokyo Motor Show next month.

Called the Recursion, it's said to make 100hp at 8,000rpm with peak torque of 74lbft at 4,500rpm, overcoming the poor mid-range problems associated with early turbo systems.

The concept weighs 174kg and offers 50% better fuel economy than a sports 600, according to the specifications.

The engine is a parallel twin OHC with two valves per cylinder and a turbo intercooler positioned under the leather seat.  

The Recursion has a single-sided swing-arm, carbon monocoque seat cowl, upside-down forks and wavey disc brakes.

The concept also replaces physical switches on the bars with futuristic touchpads. Cue riders accidentally blasting the horn instead of indicating.

The styling is described as ‘neo café racer'.

Details on the concept emerged in a video of a presentation in Japanese, with Suzuki branding, posted on YouTube.

The Tokyo Motor Show starts on November 23.