The Orcal Arios 125 scooter is good for 200 miles with 14 horsepower

The Orcal Arios 125 + is a new scooter from the French manufacturer, featuring decent power, a long range and an automatic gearbox.

Orcal Arios 125 + in grey. - Orcal

The Orcal Arios 125 +  is a French 125cc scooter which combines aesthetics, technology, performance and comfort. 

Although the Arios 125 + shares with the other 125s of Orcal’s range the vague capacity of the engine (they are all 125-class), the motor is not a transplant. Compared to the 125cc engine found in the SK01 naked, for example, the Arios’ motor finds an extra 1.2 horsepower for a total of 14.6hp. 

With a power supply from Bosch, the Arios’ engine also finds 12.5Nm, and this, as well as the aforementioned 14.6 horsepower, is transferred to the rear tyre via an automatic CVT transmission. 

The range of the Arios should be around 387km, or 240 miles, thanks to a fuel consumption of 2.4 litres per kilometre and a fuel tank of 9.3 litres.

Mechanically, we find a 35mm telescopic front fork, and at the back the suspension has a separated gas tank. That suspension will be suspending a total of 149kg, dry, and filling the aforementioned 9.3-litre tank, as well as adding two people, is only going to increase that, of course.

Connecting those telescopic forks to the ground, of course, is the front wheel, which will be 14 inches with a 110/80 tyre, while at the rear the wheel will be 13 inches, with a 130/70 tyre.

Getting it all stopped will be done courtesy of a 256mm front disc, with a dual-piston calliper, and a 220mm rear disc with a single-piston calliper. The brakes also come with an ABS system. 

The Arios has dimensions of 1,964mm x 735mm x 1,186mm, a wheelbase of 1,343mm, a ground clearance of 165mm, and a seat height of 775mm.

Available in “Blanc Brillant” (Glossy White) and “Gris Brillant” (Glossy Grey), the Arios’ pricing starts at €3,999, or around £3,400.

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