Triumph Street Triple launch - price and first thoughts

'Very much a Street Triple'

Triumph Street Triple launch - price and first thoughts

WE'VE  got a man on the Triumph Street Triple 765 launch in Spain, where the price has just been confirmed as £8,000 for the S edition, £8,900 for the R and £9,900 for the top-spec RS. 

Here are Alan Dowds' first thoughts on the bike: 

'Been out on the road all morning, and am pretty impressed. Tricky start, we're riding the RS and it's on Super Corsas, which weren't ideal on the cold, damp Tarmac. Once things warmed up it all got a lot better.

'Engine is a peach, feels really strong, and the chassis is more than up to it.

'Electronics are good but not immediately intuitive. Once you work out the controls, though, it's easy to dial in what you need.

'It's very much still a Street Triple.

'Out on track next if the rain stays away...'

Update: 'It's very good on track. More later, back out now!'

The RS is due to go on sale in March, the R in May and the S in April.

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