Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black coming for 2018

The BBB?

Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black coming for 2018

TRIUMPH'S next new model launch will be the Speedmaster on October 3 but we’ve discovered that the firm also has plans to reveal a ‘Black’ version of the Bonneville Bobber in the near future.

More than just a paint scheme, in Triumph terms ‘Black’ models have a different finish on mechanical components as well as the bodywork. It’s a big enough change for them to be considered sub-models in their own right rather than just colour options.

At the moment, the Bonneville T100 and Bonneville T120 both come in ‘Black’ form. On those bikes, the black finish extends to the engine and transmission covers, the cam covers and the exhausts. They also lose the chrome headlight rings, pillion grab rails, indicator housings and mudguard stays in favour of – you guessed it – black ones.

The Bonneville T120 Black

The current Bonneville Bobber is already a little more blacked-out than a T100 or T120, with black indicators, wheel rims and cam covers, and black paintwork is an option too, but there’s clearly scope for it to be murdered out even more. The Bonneville Bobber Black will surely get matte black exhausts, matte black engine covers and a black headlight trim.

The current Bobber

There’s also a chance that when the BBB gets revealed, the stock Bonneville Bobber’s 2018 version will gain a little more colour in terms of chrome and aluminium finishes on the mechanical parts to further distinguish the two.