Three new Hyosung sports bikes for 2016

South Korean firm will replace 'most of the range' over two years

HYOSUNG is set to reveal three new sports bikes at this year's Eicma Milan motorcycle show, according to the firm's UK distributor. 

The South Korean manufacturer will reveal new versions of its V-twin GT650R and single-cylinder air-cooled GT250R, according to MotoGB. A liquid-cooled GD125R (pictured) will also be unveiled, to replace the current air-cooled GT125R.

In addition, a 400cc version of the liquid-cooled GD250R sports bike is planned. The GD400R will be a 2017 model according to MotoGB General Manager Steve Oliver.

According to Oliver, the new GT250R looks set to be sold alongside the GD250R, which was added to the line-up this year. He said he did not know whether the new GT250R would remain air-cooled, meaning there could be two liquid-cooled 250cc sports bikes in the range.

He said the launches were part of Hyosung plans to replace most of its budget line-up over the next two years. 

The new GD125R was first shown as a prototype as long ago as 2011. The machine is currently pictured on Hyosung's UK website with a caption saying: 'New mode GT125R' but Oliver is confident it will be called the GD125R when it's launched. 'There are plans to develop this model for next year,' he said.   

This year's Milan show will also see the debut of a GV300 cruiser to replace the existing GV250.

Oliver said: 'In a period of 24 months they plan to replace most of the range.

'They are bringing out a GD125R and GD400R.'

He said it was acknowledged by the South Korean firm that some of the existing line-up was getting 'a little past its sell-by date'.  

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