Take a closer look at the Honda CT125 in this official promo video

Honda Thailand has released a new video depicting the new CT125 off-road motorcycle in its natural habitat

Honda CT125

THE CT125 variant of the cute and cuddly Honda Cub 125 has been a big talking point since breaking cover at the Tokyo Motor Show last year.

For such a small bike it seems that there are a lot of potential customers for the rugged little step-through off-roader, from pretty much every corner of the globe.

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One market that Honda has high hope of success for the CT125 is Thailand and the Philippines. Not only do both nations have big potential when it comes to small capacity, geared step-through bikes. They both have large numbers of the population living in rural and semi-rural areas, the sort of places where a conventional scooter will struggle.

To help battle against the conditions, the CT125 features knobbly off-road tyres, long-travel off-road suspension, a high-level exhaust, and even a snorkel to allow for stream and small river crossings. Aside from all the kit to help you get where you’re going, the CT125 also features a host of racks and luggage points to help you carry everything you need to a little wilderness R&R.

Honda CT125 (Hunter Cub) promotional video

It did make us smile when in the promo video Honda mentions a 5.4l fuel tank for ‘long riding’ – that much fuel in our current Triumph Rocket 3 would get you about three miles! But the little CT125’s engine is a derivative of the Cub 125’s unit, a bike that is famed for being capable of exceptional MPG figures. That tiddly tank on the CT’ should be good for just over 200 miles if ridden sensibly.

We’ve heard reports that the CT125 was to come to the UK in June 2020 under the guise of the Hunter Cub, although with the ongoing travel restrictions thanks to COVID-19, it’s likely to be the end of this year or 2021 before we get to ride it.