Rugged new Honda CT125 set to remain true to concept

New patent filings reveal the upcoming Honda CT125 'Hunter Cub' production model will remain faithful to the concept revealed in 2019

Honda CT125

It’s been almost a year since Honda CT125 revealed a more rugged version of its iconic C-series motorcycle in concept form and now these latest patents suggest it is coming to production almost unchanged.

Revealed at the Tokyo Moto Show in 2019, the Honda CT125 is a chunkier, more protected variant of its Honda C-90 (or ‘cub’ as it is more affectionately known) motorcycle with a revised pressed steel frame designed to offer more robust reworking of the recognisable silhouette.

Indeed, so convincing is the concept model [pictured below] compared with what we expect to see in production form, it is little surprise to see these new patent drawings show very little change to what will be the final model.

Registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office, place the concept and patent image alongside one another and the differences are relatively subtle, with a revised exhaust plating and slightly different arrangement at the front-end, plus changes to the seat and pillion arrangement.

The front forks have also been altered and the front fender looks to be longer too. However, as a whole this has remained very faithful to the machine shown in Japan last year.

The fact these images have been registered in Europe is a good sign that it is on its way to these shores, where it is expected to wear either the Hunter Cub or Trail 125 monikers after they were registered as trademarks last year.

Why is the Honda C-90 and CT125 so iconic?

Put simply, the Honda C-90 is one of the most iconic motorcycles in history, not to mention one of the most built and sold.

In Japan, the Honda C-90 has been in production since 1964 and are a familiar sight across the country, where many decades old models still continue to work just fine.

The design has remained faithful to its 1960s origins, with its stripped back frame and convenient ergonomics, but has remained up to date with new engines and various trim levels to tackle different markets.

The model is also credited with launching Honda in the United States on the back of a famous ad campaign labelled ‘You Meet The Nicest People On A Honda’, which ultimately spurred the company on to becoming the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.