Suzuki special edition paint schemes

In Germany only, or will we get them too?

SUZUKI Europe has revealed four new special edition GSX-Rs harking back to the firm’s racing past and paying tribute to its current on-track activities.

At the moment, only Suzuki Germany has the bikes on its website, but they are the work of Suzuki Europe (based, of course, in Germany) so there’s an outside chance they’ll spread to more countries.

Two of the bikes have particular British interest – the Sheene replica (available on the GSX-R750 and GSX-R600) and the BSB Tyco Suzuki rep GSX-R1000. The other bikes in the range include a Schwantz-inspired GSX-R600 and 750 and another GSX-R1000, this time in the colours of the works SERT endurance race team.

While both the retro designs have clearly been made already, with photos showing real bikes in the colours, the two GSX-R1000s are represented by Photoshop creations (Suzuki’s, not ours), suggesting they haven’t actually been put together yet.

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