Suzuki Recursion patent points to production plans

Why else would Suzuki want to make the show bike a working design?

SUZUKI’S turbo-charged Recursion looks closer to becoming a production model, with a recent patent showing the concept refined into a working design.

The 588cc Recursion is clearly recognisable in the sketches but changes including a new air intake point to an ambition to make it more than a showpiece.

The parallel-twin Recursion was first unveiled in Tokyo in 2013, where Suzuki said it would make 100hp and 74lbft.

Where the show bike has a central headlight, the patent features two side-by-side, with an intake in the middle feeding air to an intercooler. The refinements would not be necessary if Suzuki only intended the concept to continue doing the rounds at major bike shows.

Published on March 26 this year, the patent application says: ‘It is designed such that the intercooler cools the air supplied from the air feed pipe, and the cooled air is supplied to the throttle bodies of the #1 and #2 cylinders via a surge tank. Note that there is provided a supercharger (turbocharger) which is disposed in the middle of the air feed pipe, namely, in front of the engine, and compresses the sucked air.'

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