2019 Kawasaki Z900 RS Cafe colours?

Sweet new paint for Japanese Cafe Z9RS, heading for the UK we reckon.

2019 Z900 RS Cafe

IT'S ONLY been a few months since Kawasaki whipped the covers off the new-for-2018 Z900RS Cafe but the firm has already revealed the 2019-spec bike in Japan.

We've actually got the 2018 version of the Z900 RS Cafe on test at the moment (above) - and we're very much smitten by its combination of looks and slightly old-school engine and handling. The overall demeanour is perfect for the typical late-fortysomething Brit biker, brought up on Z1000 and GPz1100B superbikes, and hankering for their lost youth. Full UK road test soon, as they say.

Kawasaki Z900RS motorcycle review | Visordown.com

Now, while there’s definitely a place for Kawasaki’s classic lime green, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea so the decision to add more paint options in 2019 is a good one. While these bikes have only been revealed in Japan so far, we get the same colours as the Japanese market for most Kawasaki models so it follows we’re likely to receive these in the UK as well. The bright green option remains available on the 2019 bike, so dyed-in-the-wool Kwak fans will still be able to scream their allegiance, but there are two quieter additions to the range.

In particular we like the new blue version, which drops the graphics on the nose and adds black side panels under the seat to visually lighten the appearance. 

There’s also a grey 2019 model on offer in Japan, with green stripes as a kind of halfway-house towards the full-on green meanie.

The bikes go on sale next month in Japan, so we probably won’t have to wait long before we hear whether we’re getting the same offerings over here.