Suzuki launches 250cc V-Strom SX adventure bike in India

The small-capacity V-Strom adventurer from Suzuki has launched in India, but could it eventually be headed to the European market?

Suzuki V-Strom SX.

Suzuki has launched its 250cc version of the V-Strom in India, with the small adventurer taking cues from the GSX-250R.

The Suzuki V-Strom SX launched in India at the end of last week, with the bike using the same motor as the GSX-250R, while maintaining the visual cues of the V-Strom range.

Neither the GSX-250R nor the V-Strom SX are currently available in Europe yet, but it is not impossible. 

As SoyMotero reports, the previous 250cc V-Strom came to Europe, but it was not a success.

However, the small capacity appetite in Europe seems to be growing, albeit more in other categories rather than adventure. In fact, the recent Triumph Tigers indicate the larger-capacity appetite in Europe. 

However, since India has been suggested by Suzuki as a hub for its small-capacity manufacturing, perhaps the initial release in India will be a precursor for wider availability for the V-Strom SX.

We will see in time, but for now, we do at least know the details of the bike. 

The bike takes aesthetic inspiration, unsurprisingly, from the other bikes in the V-Strom range - the 650 and 1050 - with the distinctive front ‘beak’ design. 

Under the bodywork, the engine is indeed similar to that of the GSX250R. A liquid-cooled, 249cc, single-cylinder four-stroke will power the bike, which will weigh in at 167kg. The motor, which features electronic fuel injection, will provide 26 horsepower and 22.2Nm of torque through a six-speed constant-mesh gearbox.

Suspension-wise, we are looking at telescopic front forks with a 120mm stroke; while the rear swingarm has a seven-step adjustable preload. Sitting between those telescopic forks will be a 19-inch, 10-spoke front wheel (with single brake disc), and at the rear the spokes will be the same, but with a 17-inch diameter.

Those wheels will be encircled by MRF Mogrip Meteor tyres which will feature a tread design aimed at offering good stability while also cutting through water well in wet conditions. 

Full details on the V-Strom SX can be found on Suzuki India’s website, here.