RGNT's Scrambler is an update on their Classic, so what is different?

RGNT’s Scrambler edition will cost you £11,000, while giving a slightly refreshed, aggressive aesthetic to the original Classic. 

RGNT Scrambler, side shot.

The RGNT Classic dropped last year, and became Sweden’s best-selling electric bike by the end of 2021. 

Now, the modern-classic-electric has been given a refresh by RGNT, who have launched the Scrambler. 

The specs of the Scrambler are essentially the same as the Classic, with 11kW peak power (8.5kW continuous), 7.7kWh battery capacity, a 120km (74.5 miles) range, and a 3-hour charge time from 20% to 80%. The only difference in the numbers is that the top speed is down on the Classic by 5kph, from 125kph (77.6mph) to 120kph (74.5mph). 

RGNT’s Scrambler will weight one whole kilogram less than the Classic, with a dry weight of 155kg compared to 156kg. This is despite the Scrambler keeping the same 60kg battery as the Classic, and being 70mm longer. 

The wheelbase and seat height is the same for the Scrambler as the Classic, at 1408mm, and the seat height remains at 830mm.
Braking is done courtesy of a J.Juan combined system, with a 300mm front disc, and a 220mm at the rear.

For the Scrambler, RGNT are also asking for €1000 (around £800) more than for the Classic. Specifically, while the Classic costs €12,495 (around £10,400), the Scrambler will set you back €13,495 (around £11,250). 

Like the Classic, every Scrambler produced by RGNT will be hand-made, and therefore slightly unique in its build, which will feature a steel frame, cross-wire wheels and a single, round LED headlamp to give that old-school look.

On the ‘modern’ side of the modern-classic are such as the touch-screen LCD displays, with GPS and OTS functionality, as well as cloud connectivity.

Full details on the Scrambler can be found on RGNT’s website, here.