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Suzuki Katana concept

GSX-S1000F re-styled as 1980s classic

IT’S come to something when a magazine seems to do better at creating new Suzukis than Suzuki.

You would be forgiven for having taken that impression away from the Eicma show in Milan last week, where this stunning Suzuki Katana concept debuted.

While the ‘Katana 3.0 concept’ was on Suzuki’s stand, no doubt leading some to hope they might be looking at a potential future model, it was the work of Italian magazine Motociclismo.

It’s a GSX-S1000F faithfully restyled by Rodolfo Frascoli (designer of various Moto Guzzis, Triumph’s 2005-on Speed Triple 1050 and Tiger 1050 among many others) and built by Engines Engineering to ape the 1980s classic Katana GSX1100.

Kawasaki’s Z1-based Z9000RS shows the potential to appeal to both dedicated traditional-style motorcycle fans and nostalgic 40/50-something riders by meeting in the middle. This concept surely points to how Suzuki could do the same by reviving a classic name of its own.

But the only real new offering on the stand was the SV650X, a madeover SV650 already seen in Tokyo.

Suzuki had us going briefly this morning with a press release about a new GSX-F1000F edition - until we realised it just had new matt black paint and a black exhaust, along with a new name: the GSX-S1000FZ Phantom.

The GSX-S1000FZ Phantom


Good ol' Suzuki. chock full of concepts, woefully short on execution. Always a day late to every party, By the time they ever actually get around to this one, the rest of the world and market will hove long since moved on. Do add a back-end to that bike though Suzuki.

apehangers's picture

Why rehash the Katana? It is a past relic. They should actually put a proper new concept into production. I think the last time they did for the UK market was the B-King. I would much rather it was the wonderful 6-cylinder Stratos concept of yesteryear. Preferably, supercharged for the Snowflake Generation. And why do all new bikes have-to-have that horrible hanging off the swingarm numberplate binnacle thing? Have they never heard of unsprung weight or Brexit? We don't want over-engineered forced on the EU German TUV crap, give us a sharp, clean tailtidy.

But this Italian rehash is much better than the Suzuki effort.

Btw Brexit is irrelevant if it ever happens - we’ll still need to comply with safety and emissions regs.

its something when we have to put up with the latest rubbish from bimoto feturing a guest engine and pipe benders dream chassis thats worse than the donor bike and yet the italians just do concepts like this rather than full bikes.
If Frascoli set up Frascoli moto with a supply of suzuki's and did these badged as Frascoli's he would sell a damn sight more bikes than Bimoto ever could.
Wouldnt have to be stupid money either but you get the impression it would.

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