UK pricing announced for Suzuki Hayabusa 25th anniversary edition

UK pricing has been announced for the 25th anniversary edition of the Suzuki Hayabusa, whose original version was launched in 1999

Suzuki Hayabusa 25th anniversary edition

The Suzuki Hayabusa has become one of the most iconic motorcycles in its 24 years, and its upcoming quarter-century anniversary will be marked with a special edition motorcycle from the Hamamatsu marque.

There are some unique features of the anniversary edition, of course, but mostly visual. These include an anniversary logo on the bike’s fuel tank, and the same logo laser-etched into the dual exhaust mufflers; gold-anodised brake disc carriers and drive chain adjusters; raised Suzuki lettering on the fuel tank; a standard-fit single seat cowl in addition to the pillion pad; and new ‘gloss black’ trim.

The bike’s paint job is also one which is particular to the anniversary edition Hayabusa. Suzuki calls the colours ‘glass blaze orange and glass sparkle black’.

Ultimately, the 25th anniversary edition of the Suzuki Hayabusa will use the standard 2021 version of the bike as a base, meaning 190bhp and 111lb ft from the 1,340cc inline four-cylinder motor.

Electronically, the package includes three launch control settings, 10 traction control modes, and three power modes; as well as lean-angle-sensitive ABS, three levels of engine brake settings, cruise control, hill hold, low RPM assist, and easy-start.

Suzuki GB head of motorcycles, Jonathan Martin, said: “There aren’t many – if any – motorcycles that can boast the same sort of history, legacy, and standing that the Hayabusa does. It’s not hyperbole to call it an icon, or game-changing, or legendary; it is all of those things. 

Pricing for the 25th anniversary Suzuki Hayabusa, which is in dealers now, has been announced at £18,599 OTR, while 2.9 per cent APR finance will be available on both PCP and HP deals. 

“It really is in a class of one," Martin continued, "and moving into its 25th year, customers can own a piece of history with this special edition, and to make it even easier to do so we’re pleased to be able to launch it with a low finance rate of 2.9 per cent on PCP or HP.”

Head to the Suzuki website to find out more, and to locate your nearest dealer.

Suzuki France 25th anniversary Hayabusa

Back in July, the Hayabusa 25th anniversary edition was announced by Suzuki France. At the time, there had been no word from Suzuki UK, which led us to believe that the bike was a French market exclusive. That has now been proved false, of course, but the French announcement came just a few weeks after the GSX-S1000 SERT, and V-Strom 800 DE editions were launched by Suzuki France.

The UK version has turned out to be identical to that marketed in France, which had the same laser-etched logo in the muffler, and gold-anodised components, for example.

The main difference between the French-market bike and the one we will get in the UK is the price. In France, the 25th anniversary Hayabusa was priced in July at €19,799, or around £17,000, which is around £1,500 less than the newly announced UK version. 

More information can be found on the official Suzuki France website.

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