Suzuki to go electric when ‘buyers are ready’

The VP of Sales and marketing for Suzuki India has alluded to an electric future for the brand, when the time is right

Suzuki to go electric when ‘buyers are ready’

WITH many global automotive brands keeping one eye on the industry’s electric future, Suzuki India’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Devashish Handa, claims it is not if but when the Japanese manufacturer makes the switch.

In the interview, with, he alludes to a distinct possibility that Japan’s third-largest bike maker will be turning electric, although judging the timing of the move is key to the product's success.

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“We are watching the space very carefully, but the journey of electric two-wheelers has not been consistent. The cost of acquisition in comparison to ICE vehicles continues to be a concern. As and when the buyer is ready,’

He goes on to confirm that Suzuki has indeed got already got the electrically charged wheels in motion, and that work is taking place on the development of electric motorcycles. He said:

“Suzuki will be present in the [electric motorcycle] market as it already has the technology.’

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Suzuki joining the electric motorcycle ranks would be a big jump for the company, seeing them joins the likes of Honda, Kawasaki, and Harley-Davidson in being manufacturers that build both internal combustion and electrically powered machines. The only other Japanese brand not fully committing to an electric future (officially at least) is Yamaha, who partnered with Gogoro to release the EC-05 and are though supplying electric drive, batteries, and energy recovery systems to the world of e-bikes. Building an electric model of their own though doesn’t look to be on Yamaha’s agenda yet though.

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Rumours regarding an electric Suzuki begin to circle at the beginning of this year, with most reporting that their first fully electric machine will be a small, light, and cost-effective urban commuter motorcycle.

After claiming at the time that the bike will feature standard parts that are globally found, it’s thought the machine might be something that sees the firm collaborating with an existing electric scooter company and branding the product as their own.