Spanish electric motorcycle brand OX goes retro with Patagonia adventurer

Adapting existing designs for multiple purposes is nothing new in motorcycling, and now the Spanish electric brand, OX, has done it with its One model. 

OX Patagonia in ocre. - OX

The OX One is a motorcycle that is not unique in its intention, which is to create visuals which bring nostalgia of the 1960s, while giving the futuristic feeling of instant electric torque. 

The 11kW power output tells you this is yet another 125cc-equivalent electric, but its visuals certainly point backwards to a time of - subjectively speaking - prettier two-wheelers.

No doubt, the era of bikes from which the One takes its visual cues were, and are, aesthetically pleasing. But despite the changes since April last year when we asked "Is this the worst looking motorcycle ever made," whether you like the look of the current-generation One itself or not is a different question. 

While it might take some cues from the past, its big, blocky battery case (the motor sits in the rear wheel hub) which sits within the tubular frame is an aesthetic which could polarise. It’s different, somewhat, and the ‘60s inspiration is clear despite it, but at the same time it does kind of stand out a bit. 

Technically speaking, the One’s 11kW (14.8 horsepower) will get it up to a handy speed of 110kph, or 68mph; its charge will carry it for 100km; and once the battery is drained you will need to fill five hours while it charges, for which the battery can be removed.

The ‘tank’ is fake, of course, and offers storage space, and there is a USB port for charging. Up front, the display is LCD, and you can connect the bike to OX’s Elisa mobile app, which, on one hand, lets you track your riding stats and, on the other, can detect when vehicles are close to your bike, notifying the rider via a vibration in one side of the handlebar (depending on which side the vehicle is). 

The other interesting thing about the OX One is that it is not the only bike with this configuration. OX’s Patagonia adventure bike looks quite similar, and features the same 11kW motor, but the tyres and higher ride height indicate this bike is designed for the rougher terrain out there. 

Compared to the One, the Patagonia has a larger wheelbase (+50mm); a larger, spoked front wheel (19-inch); a taller ride height (+50mm); an adjusted riding position to have the rider more upright; and longer-travel suspension (+60mm).

The Patagonia also comes with 14 litres of carrying capacity with the side bags attached; tank guards; adventure tyres; and a screen and grille for protection from the harsh terrain.

Pricing for the OX One starts at €5200, while you can reserve a Patagonia from €250.