Soriano Motori announce electric naked motorcycle

The new electric motorcycle boasts an innovative ‘boxer’ motor, with twin units mounted side-by-side

Soriano Motori electric naked motorcycle

ITALIAN motorcycle company Soriano Motori has announced its first electric machine in the form of the Soriano EV Giaguaro.

The bike is scheduled to be unveiled at EICMA 2020, although as images and specs are beginning to come through already, we’re guessing the makers of the machine are doubtful of their attendance at the event.

The machine comes in three different flavours, V1R, V1S, and V1 Gara, with the Gara sitting at the top of the range. Each bike features an innovative type of motor arrangement that sees two motors joined in a type of boxer arrangement. The firm calls the system the duo-flex motor, and the two sides of the motor can either run together or independently.

How does Soriano Motori electric motorcycle stack up?

For all the twin motor tech and independent delivery, you’d expect the Soriano EV Giaguaro to set your hair on fire, but the stats are a little bit tepid. The builder is claiming a 93-mile range and 111mph top speed, numbers that most full-size electric bikes can already match or exceed.

Some of the other tech on the machine includes a 6-axis IMU, for traction control and ABS, and a three-speed gearbox – although it’s not clear how that will function. The renderings on the firm’s website show a lever on the left-hand handlebar, although it could be running a scooter-brake setup, with the front brake on the right and rear brake on the left.

Delivers of the bike are due 2021 and those looking to land this interesting looking bike in their garage will need deep pockets. The base model V1R comes in at €25,500 and the top-spec V1 Gara an eye-watering €32,500.

Makes the Harley-Davidson LiveWire look like damn good value when you compare the specs!

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