Silence opens the doors to its flagship first UK store

Barcelona-based electric scooter manufacturer Silence has swung open the doors to its flagship UK store in the heart of England

Silence UK Store Front

THE weather might be dreadful right now, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t getting out on the roads this spring. New motorcycle sales are booming currently, and one of the biggest areas of growth is in the electric and petrol scooter sector.

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As customers look for more socially distanced forms of urban transport, electric and petrol scooters and mopeds are booming, and nearly 9,000 have been sold in the UK already in 2021.

One new company looking to surf this wave of enthusiasm is Silence, the Barcelona-based electric PTW manufacturer with a full range of electric scooters and moped equivalents.

Silence UK Store Interior

Silence UK opens Birmingham store

To mark its emergence into the UK market, Silence has just swung open the doors to its first flagship store. Stocking all UK models and a full range of accessories, the new retail centre is also packed with product experts who are keen to introduce electric two-wheel travel.

John Edwards, one of the founders of Silence UK, said:

“Whether you’re concerned by Low Emission Zone charges hitting your delivery business, looking to make a green step in your travel choice, or just want a neat alternative to crowded public transport after Covid-19, then going electric is for you.

Silence UK Store Interior

“So far, our customers have told us they love the simplicity, clean convenience, and performance of all-electric riding. We’re bringing something new and needed to the market.  It’s the right idea, at the right time.”

More UK Silence stores are planned in the coming months, but until that happens, Silence is able to facilitate sales and test ride requests through its website.

For more information, head to: www.silenceuk.com