Sharp-suited KTM-based CFMoto MT800 is definitely on its way

The Chinese-built KTM 790 Adventure-based CFMoto 800MT reveals more of its sharp-looking exterior ahead of its launch in 2021

CFMoto MT800 [credit: Zig Wheels]

KTM might be going up in the world with the launch of its larger-engined 890-range but the erstwhile Euro5 compliant 790 not only lives on in both the Ausrian firm’s range and also in a new range of off-roading tourers coming from Chinese partners CFMoto.

Things have been rather quiet of late from CFMoto since it announced rather bold plans for global expansion around this time last year at EICMA with the unveiling of a three-pronged attack on the middleweight classes with the 700CLX, which came in adventure, sports and retro flavours.

Though Europe isn’t specifically in its remit, the very Euro-looking machinery certainly captured attention and with Chinese brands eager to conquer the continent with good value offerings in the larger displacement ranges than they’ve previously tackled, the 700CLX trio certainly look like ideal models to kick things off with.

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While we wait for the 700CLX, CFMoto seems to be nearing the  launch of a new mid-range adventure tourer, dubbed 800MT - based the running gear of the KTM 790 Adventure R - with these spy shots showing an almost production ready model getting in some final miles before unveiling ahead of 2021.

Despite some etch-a-sketch on the exterior to try and disguise some details, we can see the CFMoto 800MT won’t be a mere copy of the KTM 790 Adventure on which it is based, with a fresh face and some neat detailing, such as the sunken lower headlamps.

As you can see this model is fully kitted out with hard luggage to suggest it will have multiple options when it goes on sale.

Under the skin the CFMoto 800MT will come with the 799cc LC8 parallel-twin, so expect something in the region of 94hp and 64.9Ib-ft of torque.

Whether we will see the CFMoto 800MT on British shores remains to be seen, but with Chinese firm already having a presence in the UK and bold plans to leverage its KTM partnership, this could very well be a great value addition to the ADV ranks in 2021.

We wonder if Yamaha might have something to say about the name though...