Is the Ebroh Bravo GLE the most affordable electric motorcycle ever?

The Ebroh Bravo GLE boasts a 68mph top speed and a range of 62 miles all for under £5,000

Ebroh Bravo GLE

ONE of the major sticking points when trying to get petrol-powered motorcyclists onto electric power is the price tag. For many, shelling out 25 or 50% more than a conventional motorcycle on a battery-powered equivalent is a big pill to swallow.

With just that sort of customer in mind, Spanish company Ebroh has developed what is probably one of the cheapest full-size electric bikes on the market.

The Bravo GLE is a pretty bog-standard looking bike, with a conventional trellis frame, upswept seat unit, and fairly tacky looking plastic bodywork. While its spec is fairly uninspiring, the price for those of a cash conscious disposition is well worth a second look.

The Bravo GLE comes in at €4,500, which when considered to the rest of the electric bike pack is very good. With even the cheapest Zero electric motorcycle, the FX enduro machine, coming in at over £10,000, snapping up a brand new electric bike at better than half price seems like a steal! But it does come with a catch…

The Ebroh is not the best performing of electric bikes, managing a top speed of just 68mph and a range of 62 miles. Compare that to the same Zero FX, 85mph, and it starts to look more like an electric scooter then a motorcycle.

The build quality of the bike also looks slightly less classy than that of the Zero, but then again, I guess you do get what you pay for!

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