Sarkcyber HC200 electric scooter brings performance to your electric commute

Sarkcyber's HC200 electric scooter has arrived in Europe, with a 2.7kWh battery giving a 75km maximum range, and a 70kph top speed thanks to a 2.5kW motor.

Sarkcyber HC200

The Sarkcyber HC200 offers a slightly different take on the commuter's electric scooter, aiming to combine practicality with performance.

The usual case with electric scooters aimed at urban commutes is that they have a good enough range to get you to work, university, or the shops - for example - and back with performance good enough to ensure a solid speed.

But, that usually means said electric scooters are topping out at around 30mph. This is true of the standard Sarkcyber HC200, with its 2kW motor. However, the HC200 CBS aims to provide a little more excitement, and has a top speed of 43.5mph thanks to a 3.3hp motor.

However, its maximum range of 47 miles is achieved with a constant speed of 28mph, meaning that, to get the most range from the 2.7kWh lithium-ion battery (the same unit whether you choose the standard or CBS version of the scooter), you’re going to need to reign in the speed a little. Still, it’s not like owning a Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP means you’re doing 180mph everywhere, but the option is nice. If you want the option of doing 40mph on your electric commuter scooter, Sarkcyber has an option for you with the HC200 CBS.

Charging the aforementioned 2.7kWh battery takes 3.5 hours, but is not removable.

In terms of mechanics, the HC200 has a 220mm disc brake at the front with a single-piston calliper, while the rear disc is 190mm. On the CBS version, these are operated with the assistance of, yes, a Combined Braking System.

14-inch wheels front and rear attach to the chassis via a conventional aluminium fork and hydraulic shock, respectively, and the seat height is set at 763mm, 23mm higher than the Honda EM1:e but 32mm shorter than the Yamaha NEO’s.

Technologically, one USB-C port is featured, and the HC200 comes with a fairly handy reverse button.

There are 3.6 litres of storage behind the leg board, and Sarkcyber says the underseat storage is large enough to store a helmet.

The Sarkcyber HC200 is a recent entry to the European market. Motociclismo reports it is priced at €4,390 (around £3,750) in Italy, where it is available from the Keeway/MBP dealer network. Keeway also has a network in the UK, so it is feasible that the Sarkcyber HC200 could make its way across the Channel in the future.

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