Rugged Yamaha Tricity Rough Road Concept Announced

The Yamaha Tricity Rough Road Concept is an all-terrain scooter that Yamaha hopes could help monitor natural disasters


A new, rugged off-roader has been revealed from Yamaha as the Tricity Rough Road concept is revealed. Designed to provide all of the benefits of a twist and go scooter, along with the front-end stability of its on-road sibling, the Rough Road could one day help to monitor natural disasters.

The concept is based upon the Tricity 125 and the Asian-market-only Tricity 155, the bike is a more rugged version of the stock bike, and it’s been specifically unveiled at the Riscon Tokyo 2021 security & safety expo.

Yamaha Tricity Rough Road Concept video

Beneath the skin, the bike is likely to be largely unchanged, although visible updates include knobbly off-road tyres, crash protection and a significant amount of luggage. That luggage is key to the supposed effectiveness of the bike, as it hides a wealth of emergency supplies and monitoring systems.

Alongside the standard first aid and medical equipment, the bike also carries a drone stashed in its top case. For some time now, drones have been used around the world to help rescue organisations pinpoint the location of those in need of assistance. Once that task is complete, the Rough Road could either go to the stranded and provide support and assistance, or point more aid in the direction of the people.

Will we ever see a civilian version of the Rough Road? Not likely. Well, not in its official form anyway. But seeing as this really is some luggage and knobblies on a stock Tricity, it’s pretty simple to replicate – and you’ll have the most exclusive machine at the local bike night!

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