Royal Enfield Himalayan instruments revealed

Trip computer and compass included

THANKS to Indian Twitterati PowerDrift, we’ve had our first close-up look at the instruments of the Royal Enfield Himalayan and there’s a promising combination of tradition and technology to be found on them.

The dash gets three analogue gauges – speed, revs and fuel level – plus a brace of digital displays. The first, in the speedo, shows trip/odometer, gear position, time, air temperature and remaining fuel range at the very least – we’re guessing that prodding one of the rubber-coated buttons on the dash might bring up more information.

The second display, a small circular LCD next to the fuel gauge, appears to be an electronic compass. Who needs sat-nav, eh? Whether it has other functions, we’ll have to wait to find out.

Indian outlets are reporting that the wait won’t be a long one, with the release date for the bike pencilled in for February 2nd. Will we see it here? Eventually it’s likely to make its way to Europe and the UK, but Indian sales are likely to be a priority initially.

Other details visible on the dash include a rev counter that’s graduated up to 9000rpm, although it appears that the red band might start as low as 6500rpm. We also get a glimpse of the top yoke and bars, which fit with what we might expect given the bike’s low-cost intentions.

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