Royal Enfield Himalayan ‘411’ could be a new ‘tour’ edition

A more road oriented version of the Royal Enfield Himalayan has been snapped on the road in India undergoing testing

Royal Enfield Himalayan Tour

THE Royal Enfield Himalayan might be about to gain a more road-biased model, possibly set to join the range in 2022. The bike is not massively different to the current one, although there are a few key updates to note.

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Firstly, the image you see at the top of the page is a clay model of what the model will look like once launched. Immediately noticeable is the lack of front windscreen, something that’s become a bit of a trademark of Royal Enfield’s modern day adventurer.

Moving down and rearwards from the headlight, we can see that the crash-bars/luggage rack that normally flanks the Himalayan’s fuel tank has been removed. Instead, there is a small plate bearing the number 411, something that relates to the bike’s 411cc capacity. With the number featuring so prominently on the side of the bike, it’s leading us to believe that this model could also be named the Himalayan 411 – time will tell!

The biggest change though is to the stance of the bike. The 21-inch front wheel of the current machine also looks to have been ditched and in its place is a wheel that looks much more at home on the road. If the wheel was reduced from 21 to 19-inch, it wouldn’t totally ruin the off-road handling of the bike, although it would greatly improve the on-road prowess – while not totally ruling out some light off-road work.

With nothing official from Royal Enfield on the existence of the bike, we’ll have to wait for the autumn and winter motorcycle shows to find out any more.