RMK E2 confirmed for production

The RMK E2 hub-less electric motorcycle has been confirmed and will no go into full production


THE RMK E2 has been confirmed and will be going into full production in the coming months.

We’ve been following the RMK (formerly Verge motorcycles) electric bike project for some time and it looks like the bike might just be nearing production.

Since first being unveiled in February last year, the RMK has been catching the eyes of electric motorcycle fans for both its looks, innovative powertrain and its performance potential.

The RMK is one of the first bikes to hit full production (if it does) to feature an electric drive, hub-less rear end. The E2 is claimed to have a peak power of 50 kW (67bhp) and instant 320Nm (236ft-lb) of torque from standstill to the bike’s restricted top speed of 100mph.

The makers claim that the bike’s design and construction helps to reduce unsprung mass, being comparable to that of a conventional motorcycle – not a feat many electric motorcycles can manage. RMK also claims that the rotational mass is considerably smaller, aiding acceleration and efficiency.

With no hub on which to mount a rear disk, the braking is taken care of by the hub-mounted motor, which RMK claim has enough torque to act as a regenerative braking system, all on its own.

Another interesting feature that’s becoming prevalent in electric bikes is the over-the-air updates that the bike automatically downloads from the cloud. A large screen mounted on the ‘fuel tank’ is the rider’s interface with bike and it’s systems

You can reserve a E2 with a prepayment of €2000, which will be deducted from the final price of the bike. The payment is fully refundable if you wish to cancel your order.

Interested parties should head to: rmkvehicles.com