Rider introduces SR6 125-class electric sports bike

The French brand, Rider, has launched the SR6 125cc-equivalent electric sports bike, alongside the slightly higher-performance SR8.

Rider SR6. - Go2roues

Rider have produced a sporty and high performance 125cc equivalent electric motorbike the SR6.  The SR6 has been designed for every day use but still has the sporty feel.

The motor for the Rider SR6 has been built into the rear wheel. The motor has been supplied by the QS Motor brand, who are one of the worlds leaders in electric motors. The motor produces 5kW nominally and also 6kW at the peak rate. The power of the SR6 allows it to reach a top speed of 120km/h, which is equivalent to 74.5mph. The maximum torque that the SR6 produces is 118Nm. The motor also needs next to no maintenance since there is no transmission, chain or belt to be maintained for the bike.

The sr6 battery is fixed into the rear wheel and is not removable from the bike. The batteries capacity is 6.2kWh or 72v/86Ah. The battery is located in the lower centre of the bike. This allows for the centre of gravity of the machine it be lowered as much as possible. The battery can be recharged in two ways: either with a domestic 220V socket or with a Type 2 socket. If a rider charges the bike with a standard 220V socket then it would take up to nine hours to fully charge the battery, compared the Type 2 socket which would take up to five hours to fully charge the battery.

At an average speed of 80km/h (49.7mph) the SR6 can travel a total distance of 100 kilometres (62 miles), but at an average speed of 50km/h (31mph) the bike can travel a distance of approximately 140 kilometres (86.9 miles).

The Rider SR6 is well equipped when it comes to features. As standard the SR6 comes with ABS on its braking system. The front brake is made up of two 300mm discs and the rear brake also has a 240mm disc. 

The Rider SR6 will cost 7,190 euros which is the equivalent of £6288.34.

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