BMW offers retro-fit cornering ABS for S1000RR

BMW's 'ABS Pro' system can now be retro-fitted to S1000RRs made from 2012-2014

BMW has just announced that its cornering ABS system is to be made available as a retro-fit option for S1000RRs made from 2012 to 2014.

The 'ABS Pro' system will cost €420 – €460 depending on the age of the bike. It's €40 euros more than what BMW charged to have the system retro-fitted to the HP4 last year.

ABS Pro is BMW’s take on the Bosch cornering ABS system that’s already appeared on some other bikes, particularly KTMs. BMW will also soon being offering it as a retro-fit option for 2015 model-year S1000RRs, where the system will also include a ‘Race’ mode with a higher slip threshold and brake pressure gradient for use on roads with more grip. There's no word yet on pricing for 2015-and-onwards bikes.

The firm said in press release:

'BMW Motorrad expands its ABS Pro range. ABS-supported braking when banking available as retrofit option from October 2015 for the S 1000 RR (model years 2012 – 2014), too.

The launch of ABS Pro as a retrofit option for the BMW HP4 in October 2014 represented a consistent refinement of BMW Motorrad ABS in that it also enabled ABS-supported braking in banking position on a supersports bike for the first time. In June 2015, ABS Pro entered series production in the S 1000 XR as optional equipment ex works. As part of the “Safety 360°” strategy, BMW Motorrad is quickly expanding the availability of this safety feature to other models.

Since August 2015, ABS Pro has been available for the R 1200 GS and R 1200 GS Adventure (optional equipment ex works or retrofit option) as well as the K 1600 GT/GTL (standard equipment).

From October 2015, ABS Pro is now also available as a retrofit option for the S 1000 RR, model years 2012 to 2014. Respective solutions for the Double R model years 2015 and 2016 are in the pipeline.

The retrofittable ABS Pro of the S 1000 RR from model year 2015 will also include the “Race” riding mode. The slip threshold and brake pressure gradient have been set at a higher level for use on roads with high friction coefficients compared to the “Rain” and “Sport” modes.

The ABS Pro function was deliberately conceived for use on public roads, where unexpected dangers can always potentially lie in waiting. The system provides more safety when braking while cornering. Here the system prevents the wheels from blocking even when the brakes are applied quickly in a banking position; this reduces abrupt changes in steering force on shock-braking manoeuvres and stops the motorcycle from rearing up unintentionally.

 ABS Pro is therefore available for the following BMW Motorrad models now:

ModelSeriesOptional equipment
ex works
Retrofit optionPrice in Germany
R 1200 GS
MY 2016
-from 08/2015from 09/2015from € 630
R 1200 GS Adventure
MY 2016
-from 08/2015from 09/2015from € 630
HP4--from 10/2014from € 420
S 1000 XR
MY 2015
-from 06/2015from 09/2015from € 600
S 1000 RR
MY 2012 - 2014
--from 10/2015from € 420 /
€ 460
S 1000 RR
MY 2015
--in preparation
S 1000 RR
MY 2016
-in preparationin preparation
K 1600 GT/GTL/GTL excl. MY 2016from 08/2015--'